Repairs and Relaying

Time gets to us all eventually and your paving is no different.

Wear and tear to driveways and patios can result in cracked or shifted pavers, leaving your paving looking a mess.  Sometimes your paving can even start sinking because of poor foundations, ants, tree roots or water erosion.

We help solve all these problems and more, whatever it takes to get your pavers looking great, and just like our new paver lays, we will give you a written guarantee on our workmanship. No job is too small, so just give us a call or get a quote today!

Pressure Cleaning

We are pressure cleaning specialists offering a fast and professional service, both domestically and commercially to completely restore your driveway or patio to its original condition.

Using hot and cold washes, scrubbers and other methods our team will expertly clean your driveway or patio, removing all stains, moss and algae. When we’re finished, we’ll replace the joint sand so your paving is secure and looking great.


Total Paving can clean and seal your existing surfaces, returning the surface to a near new finish. As well as providing a resistant layer between your paving or blocks and nature, a non-slip layer can be applied that also making future cleaning easier and ensuring it looks grand for years to come!

So get in touch with us today and let’s seal the deal!