Your imagination is the limit when it comes to paving, and we’d be happy to discuss anything you’ve seen or have in mind for your property. Below you’ll find some of the more popular styles:

Herringbone – 90°

This is perhaps the most common pattern you’ll come across, renowned for it’s strength and the aesthtic look it creates, it’s always a favourite.

Herringbone – 45°

Very similar to 90° Herringbone, this pattern keeps most of the strength but changes the lines of the area to be paved.

Stretcher Bond

This is perhaps the most common patterns seen with square pavers, the offset of the lines helps keeps the strength throughout the entire paved area.  There are several popular variations to add to the aesthtic,

Stack Bond and Basket Weave

Stack Bond and Basket Weave are not as common as Herringbone and Stretcher Bond, but may still be the perfect pattern for you! Both can be laid at 45° on 90° with different header options and inlays to suit your individual tastes.