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Our guarantee is there to make sure you’re happy, not just when the job is finished, but over the following 24 months.

We believe it’s so important that not only do we put it in writing on every quote, we’ve built it into our ‘Terms of Trade’.

What the guarantee will NOT cover is issues with your job that are not due to our workmanship.  An example of this is if you drop something on your driveway and crack/chip/stain them, this would not be covered under the guarantee.

Any products supplied fall under the manufacturer’s guarantee and can be followed up with them as applicable.

The first step is to let us know you’d like an obligation free quote, at which time we’ll arrange a site visit (if necessary) to come and see how we can assist you.

We will provide you with a written quote that you can examine, and list any options that are available.

Next we amend the quotes to meet your exact specifications.

Once you accept the quote in our ordering system, we will contact you to arrange a date and time that works for your job.

If required, at this point we will get a deposit for materials, sitworks if a bobcat is required and rubbish removal. Once materials are delivered to the site, works can look to commence.

Once works commence, if the customer has any changes to the job, variations to the quote are sent to the customer for their approval.

Once the job is completed to your satisfaction, we will generate the invoice for difference of payment.

We’d love it at this stage if you could leave us feedback on social media, letting others know how happy you are with your project! 🙂

Your workmanship guarantee begins from the date specified on the invoice, which is generated at the completion of the job. If for some reason there’s anything that needs fixing, it is always considered a priority work order in our system!

You can have your paving in any pattern or style you choose! When patterns require more cutting to complete (for example circles and curves) the price does increase to cover the additional time required to complete the job.

You can see some of the more common paving patterns here.

You’ve taken the time to contact us, then you’ll use your time to explain to us what you want and show us around your project… and time is one of the most valuable things you have.

From our point of view, the quotes are totally free. We spend our time doing things right because we know getting your job right is important to you.

All quotes are valid for 60 days from the date they are generated and is specified in the document. This does not mean the price will change after this, but gives us the option to make changes if necessary.

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Cards both onsite and through our online payment system attached to your invoice.

As per our ‘Terms of Trade’, all payments unless otherwise stated are due upon completion.

When we are purchasing materials for the job on your behalf, arranging for bobcat work or rubbish removal, we will ask for a deposit for these materials and it will be specified in the quote if applicable.

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and Credit Card.

Please note that cards will incur an additional processing fee fo approximately 2.3%.

Yes we do. Terms of trade are the rules governing our services, and these are attached to all quotes sent out, but you can also read them in Microsoft Word format here: Total Paving Terms of Trade.

Yes! Howard Carter has won several Karaoke competitions, and has an Elvis impression he’ll sing for you while he works… whether you ask him or not! 🙂